The Benefits of

tea tree oil

Towards A Cleaner, Fresher Air

the eco-friendly solution

At EMAGE AIR, we use our pharmaceutical-grade Tea Tree Oil as our cleaning agent, to clean your environment

100% Natural & organic

Made with no harsh chemicals, our 100% natural Australian Tea Tree Oil will leave your room smelling fresh and odour-free. It is safe for the environment & suitable for both outdoor & indoor use.

Kill 99.9% of bacteria

As a natural insect-repellent & disinfectant, it effectively purifies potential air-borne viruses, germs, mosquitoes, and high-touch zones from diseases like Hand, Food, Mouth Disease.

assured effectiveness

Packed with anti-inflammatory and aromatherapy properties, it can help to alleviate sinus symptoms and provide stress-relief. It thoroughly cleans high areas, small gaps, and corners within 10 minutes of use.

How does it work?

Our Tea Tree Oil has 10x more concentration than most on the market.